21st Century Disruptive Innovation

(Available Late 2019)

Acquiring the Right Talent, Expertise, and Organizational Structure to Transform Disruption into New Opportunities

Constant change is the new mantra in companies today. Innovation, reinvention, restructuring … all require every level of the organization to not only embrace change but also to lead by example. Unfortunately, very few companies get it right. Instead of working within the company to mitigate resistance to change, many leaders struggle, finally giving up and instead going to the more expensive and illusive Plan B – a spin up of a new company or subsidiary to drive innovation with the hope to accelerate time to market.


We are experiencing unprecedented explosive growth in disruptive technology - OUTSIDE the traditional corporation’s R&D - financed by over $200B in venture capital, government, lab, and university investments. Meanwhile, corporations have reduced investment in research while increasing short-term development creating a technology gap between OUTSIDE investment and INSIDE R&D. This gap is widening creating an innovation crisis for companies and their leaders to make critical choices that will affect their long-term prospects. 


The book examines the difference between company culters and how R&D is organized versus disruptive technology companies outside the corporate environment. It takes the reader step by step through a new organizational model that changes how we think about and organize innovation to drive new opportunities for growth. In every chapter, case examples of real companies that have gone through change are examined and principles articulated from the lessons learned. 


The book addresses topics including:

  • How to design an organization to enable more effective innovation

  • What does leadership look like that creates real opportunity?

  • It's not just about thinking differently about innovation, but reinventing how we do innovation

  • The explosion in technology innovation OUTSIDE the company is resetting how companies do innovation on the INSIDE

  • Acquiring the right talent, expertise, and organization is critical Real-world examples of successes and failures and why


With over three decades of operating and innovation experience as a senior executive, Mike has worked in the presence of industry giants including David Packard, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Satya Nadella. He has experienced firsthand some of the greatest breakthroughs in technology and witnessed transformations within companies and entire industries - while at HP, Apple, Microsoft, and Xerox PARC.


Herman Donner is the co-author of the book and works at Stanford as a post-doc principal researcher and program manager. He has a Ph.D. in economics and commercial real estate and is now working with Mike on the Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program at Stanford. 


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