Keynote: Disruptive Technology and Innovation

November, 2020

Mike discusses disruptive technology and innovation in his Keynote at TechData 2020.

Radio: Techstination

February 25, 2020

In this syndicated radio interview, host Fred Fishkin and Mike discuss disruptive technology,
innovation, and Mike’s book “First Light of Day.”

Podcast: Techstination

February 6, 2020


“What I really wanted to do is to find a mechanism that would allow people to see into the future impact of all this technology…” Mike Steep to podcast host Fred Fishkin on his new
book, "First Light of Day."

Podcast: Reinventing Effective Leadership for Disruptive Innovation

March 25, 2020

In this podcast, host Ed Molitor and Mike discuss transforming disruptive technology into opportunities and major roadblocks to innovation.

Podcast: Family Office World

February 3, 2020


Host Ron Diamond and Mike discuss the impact of disruptive technology will play on
investments and infrastructure, and Mike’s work at Stanford’s Disruptive Technology and
Digital Cities Program.

Radio: Take The Lead

January 31, 2020

Podcaster and syndicated radio host Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Mike about his work at
Stanford’s Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program and his new book “First Light of
Day” for the episode, "How Technologies are Currently Shaping Societies."

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