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Michael J.T. Steep
Why do clients engage Mike and his team to lead their conference keynotes and conduct workshops?

Mike delivering the Deloitte Keynote in March, 2019

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“Client satisfaction with Mike’s keynotes hit an all-time high in 2018. The response from his charismatic style combined with practical case examples really hit the mark. World-class operating executive and tech expert with depth and breadth of experience and reputation. High win ratio when you put Mike in front of your client decision-makers.”


A Fresh Approach to Looking at Tech Disruption as a Growth Opportunity
“What makes people sit up and listen on a Sunday morning at the end of a partner retreat? The answer is now clear – hearing an enlightening, thought-provoking series of fresh ideas on new technologies that are finding their way into the marketplace.  Michael, as you had promised, your presentation delivered that and more.” – Margaret Poster, COO, Willkie, Farr & Gallagher


Tech Insider and Master Storyteller

“Mike is an incredibly engaging speaker and is an expert on technology and innovation. He has enormous credibility, having run operations for companies including Apple, Microsoft
Tech Insider and Master Storyteller
and PARC. He is one of the few executives who understands both strategy and operational execution, and how to transform disruptive innovation into disruptive opportunity.”– Don Strickland, former SVP,


Technology Disruption Grounded in Real-World Application
“The most valuable part of it was how Steep tied his presentation to a real-world application. The internet as we know is filled with hobbyist websites that rarely tie together buzz word technology to real applications and problems. To truly differentiate ‘disruptive’ technology from just another science project that’s gotten a lot of media attention is exactly what his presentation did.”– David Lemon, Senior Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks

Intense Focus on Delivering Relevant, Actionable Takeaways for the Audience

“Autonomous vehicles and IoT are among the most significant disruptive and transformational changes crossing all industries. Mike explains in clear, concise and compelling terms how predictive analytics will continue to fundamentally change the ways companies are able to create and monetize their products, platforms

Dynamic Speaker and Teacher
“I wanted to thank you for your fantastic presentation. Our members were universally blown away by it. Your delivery was excellent and the content was spot on. It really had our members talking well after it was finished.”– Jackson Morrill, President, Composite Panel Association


Unique Perspective and Relevant Leadership Experiences 
“Mike Steep is an exceptionally engaging and inspiring speaker on turning disruption into opportunity. His vivid examples of identifying and exploiting disruptive technologies both to defend against disruption from outside the organization and to create new and enhanced business opportunities from inside the organization draw from his extensive experience in leading disruptive innovation at Microsoft, Apple, Xerox PARC and several other leading companies in multiple industry sectors.”– Dr. Raymond Levitt, Kumagai Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, Stanford University and Operating Partner at Blackhorn Ventures, LLC


Cutting Edge Concepts Transformed into New Business Models

“Mike introduced a new concept, Continuously Connected Value Chain, at the keynote and it was really eye-opening. His clear explanation helped us understand how we could leverage it to create new processes and business models. Mike shared concrete examples of how critically important an understanding of disruptive technology is in driving innovation in our industry. Based on Mike’s recommendations, we are now evaluating a major supply chain platform and designing transformational capabilities by leveraging and integrating newly available data and technology. We anticipate these actions will add significant value to our operations and partners.– Paul Helmering, Vice President, IT,ROi

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