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Silicon Valley has been at the epicenter of technology invention and innovation since the early sixties. The special combination of venture capital, entrepreneurial risk-taking, and university research has produced over a trillion dollars of corporate growth. HP, Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Apple are just a few of the companies produced in this innovation crucible.


Transform and its partners spent their entire careers emerging in this ecosystem and have themselves started innovation programs at Microsoft, Xerox PARC, and at Stanford.


We have created speaking engagements AND workshops to educate and create a bridge to this other world of OUTSIDE innovation.

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What do associations and corporate executives need to do to deal with these changes while also reinventing their innovative approach to create opportunity?



Why Do We Need to Reinvent Innovation?


The old rules of "crossing the chasm" and traditional innovation theory no longer address HOW we do innovation in this new renaissance, let alone prosper. Exponential Growth in invention and innovation OUTSIDE the traditional corporate R&D center.

  • $2 Trillion spent globally on R&D but only $200B spent INSIDE corporate R&D on truly disruptive innovation versus $300B OUTSIDE fully dedicated to the invention

  • Unintended Consequences occur as technology outpaces our ability to keep up or manage it – take examples like ChatGPT or Cybersecurity.

  • Corporations are Flying Blind since they lack a bridge or a means to navigate this OUTSIDE world of hyper innovation, let alone bring it into their own company.

  • Outdated Innovation Models with all-time high corporate R&D failure rates.

The Silicon Valley Model

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