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Three Critical Questions That Will Change the Way You Think About Innovation

1. What is happening with corporate innovation globally and why should I care?


Of 250 Fortune Group companies surveyed, 94% said innovation is top priority for the company to remain competitive but only 14% received a decent return on investment for R&D.


2. What is the principal cause of the crisis in innovation?


These same Fortune Group CEOs listed three major causes. 

  • First, the company lacked awareness of disruptive technology in their space. 

  • Second, the leadership team was risk averse. 

  • Third, the company lacked the technical expertise it needed to stay competitive.


3. Is there a basic approach or path my company can use to at least address some of these problems in a practical way?

Yes. We have worked with over 200 companies and their innovation executives over the past decade to understand how to address innovation problems AND put in place a way to acquire the right talent, expertise, and organizational structure to transform disruptive innovation into real growth.




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