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Each workshop designed to deliver the latest content and set of principles to guide our attendees on strategy, leadership, and execution. We bring in experts and Stanford faculty to lead the sessions.


Two-Day Cyber Security Training and Certification

Cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate as bad actors begin to use advanced tools including botnets that leverage machine intelligence as a weapons launch platform. As sophistication grows our ability to defend against attack is increasingly problematic.


This two-day workshop introduces attendees to entirely new content including the latest developments in technology but goes much further by introducing a roadmap for them to follow in developing advanced techniques for defense.


Delivered this past month at the Kaseya conference, our workshop received some of the highest ratings for the conference from IT professionals

Corporate innovation.jpeg

We live in an unprecedented technology renaissance that has produced an explosion of early-stage technologies crossing every domain including materials sciences, medicine, IoT, Cyber, robotics, and data analytics.


How do we make sense of it all and decide for ourselves what we need to continue growth into the future?


This workshop customizes content specifically for your industry, and helps you create a practical strategy for growth in the future.


As an executive leader, what do I need to know and how do I develop my own career strategy?



We have lived through one of the most dramatic changes in global lifestyle in dealing with the pandemic. But do we know what we can expect in a post-pandemic period? This workshop goes through all of the key trends in demographics, economics, and lifestyle we see happening that will affect everything we do, what corporations plan for, and how we will function in our future.


Delivered as part of a master keynote to over 300 executives, this workshop goes into depth to equip our attendees with the most up-to-date information from Stanford and other organizations.

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