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Michael J.T. Steep

Executive Retreats: RE-INVENTING Effective Leadership for Disruptive Innovation



 Enter a totally emersive learning experience on 
disruptive innovation 

at Stanford Faculty Club

Register for Retreat January 26-29, 2020

CEOs say innovation is critical to success. An astounding 90% of innovation initiatives fail to deliver any significant growth or ROI. Worse, over 70% of companies missed real opportunities choosing the wrong technology to drive the future of their business model.

What CEOs don’t realize is that disruptive innovation now occurs primarily OUTSIDE the company as tens of thousands of startup companies drive new innovation into the market - fueled by over $300B in annual investment. Old methods to drive innovation through INSIDE R&D alone no longer work and contribute to the 70% failure rate.

The founder of this Stanford Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities program along with world renowned Stanford faculty consultants, have now created a powerful partnership of technology and business operating experts to train executives on HOW to bring OUTSIDE innovation into their companies in a pragmatic way. Come join us at the retreat at the Stanford Faculty Club conference center.


We have re-invented how companies do disruptive innovation providing new and practical tools to re-invent effective corporate leadership.

​Executive Retreat fee is all inclusive including instruction, three-day accommodation, food starting with arrival on Sunday evening until checkout on Wednesday after lunch. 

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