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Customized Keynotes & Workshops


Every keynote and workshop we do is customized to the needs of our clients – whether it is an association, a corporation, or a board of directors. We draw our content from real world experience, a vast network of Silicon Valley labs, startups, venture capital,  and corporate connections.


Our most recent keynote is on Understanding AI and LLMS including ChatbotGPT.


" Steep is an incredibly talented speaker who catches the attention of the audience and offers them down-to-earth explanations of how early-stage technology works. He customized every keynote to the needs of his clients. He is consistently the top-rated speaker for our events.”


Leading Authorities Inc. (LAI)

Insightful, Informative, Eye Opening. A charismatic speaker.

American Gaming Association on AI and ChatbotGPT Keynote

How do we Transform Disruptive Technology into Practical Opportunity?
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