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Executive Retreats: RE-INVENTING Investment
in Early Stage Disruptive Technology


Enter a totally emersive learning experience on disruptive innovation at Stanford Faculty Club





We are experiencing an unprecedented shift in HOW companies are developing and capturing the value of disruptive technology in innovation – completely changing WHERE disruptive innovation is happening – outside the traditional corporate R&D organization. This dramatic shift demands a new approach to investing and a new way of thinking about HOW to invest from traditional approaches.


We live in a new age of the greatest technology renaissance that has ever occurred in human history, and with it an opportunity to create wealth. It is a global explosion no longer confined to Silicon Valley. Thousands of global startup companies are driving new innovation into the market annually - fueled in part by over $300B in annual investment versus outpacing total corporate R&D spend of $200B for disruptive innovation. Established corporations have drastically cut their investment into new innovation while outside early stage investment has exploded. But how do we reach this pool of new innovated startups and what is our investment strategy?


We bring together Stanford faculty consulting together with world-class business operating experts to train investors specifically in family office on HOW to take practical advantage of this sea change. Come join us at the retreat at the Stanford Faculty conference center.

CEOs say innovation is critical to success. An astounding 90% of innovation initiatives fail to deliver any significant growth or ROI. Worse, over 70% of companies missed real opportunities choosing the wrong technology to drive the future of their business model.

​Executive Retreat fee includes conference facilities, course materials, instruction, and meals.

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What attendees are saying:

"Terracon Consultants attended the Executive Retreat on Re-inventing Effective Leadership for Disruptive Innovation in January 2020 at Stanford University.  Over the course of the Executive Retreat experience, the Leadership Team led by Mike Steep was very helpful in providing a framework on how to promote and foster innovation inside our own organization and in our core business areas and services, including an understanding of incremental vs. disruptive innovation, an overview of disruptive technologies, adoption, and partnering throughout the innovation process, and how those align with strategy.  We all thought the Envision Mapping process was extremely beneficial in helping us identify a problem or strategic goal, and then work an innovative solution using the learnings, tools, and processes from the workshop to identify capabilities, a business model and the needed technologies.  Overall, we found the Executive Retreat to be very helpful as our company continues to lead innovation, and the knowledge gained over the course workshop will be applied to many aspects of our business."